Behind Our Smiles

I have women who lost people in addiction come to griefshare. They never lost hope. As long as they are breathing there is hope. Never give up on anyone. Thanks for sharing. HUGS!!!

The Apologista

behind the smilesRecently I challenged someone close to me to ditch their image and get real. They didn’t agree and counter-challenged me by asking why I continue to post so many happy family pictures, when behind the scenes our hearts are breaking.

So in the spirit of full disclosure, here goes.

My family has been in mourning.

We have lost someone we love dearly. And yet no one brought us a meal.

We have cried buckets of tears over days that turned into weeks that turned into years, yet we never donned black attire down a church aisle. Some may not know what I am referring to. But many do because I stopped hiding our loss when it became too exhausting to bear.

The person we lost is still alive. They just choose not to be a part of our life. Several times they have come back, but only to leave again…

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