Hearing Voices?

A boy and his chickens

One evening at dusk,  I was putting my girls (chickens) to bed and I noticed just one of them was missing. I looked everywhere, finally defeated I went inside. I prayed  saying…”God you know where she is …whatever’s going to happen is up to you. I’ve done my best she’s wandered off and I don’t know where she is.  She’s obviously too far away to hear my voice.”
Just then my Phone rang. I saw it was my next door neighbor , I answered saying, “please tell me you’re calling because you seen one of my chickens ?” she said “Yes I’m down the street on the corner”  I ran out the front door down the street and she was following the hen and it was running from her and it was about ready to fly over a fence out of sight.  I could tell by the way my hen was standing that it was getting ready for takeoff, so I spoke to the hen, as soon as I spoke she changed her stance and I said” it’s okay sit down”and she squatted and I bent over and picked her up, but I did it from behind and she didn’t see me and she pecked me to try to get away and then I spoke again and held her closer and she was calm. I walked her home and put her in the coop where we she would be safe because it was getting dark and the raccoons would be out soon.

Just like my girls, we need to know our Shepherd’s voice to lead us to safety. Satan’s voice can lead us to ruin and destruction.We need to be in the word everyday to know his voice. My chickens hear me everyday talk to them and that’s why they know my voice, the voice of someone who cares for them, provides for them and keeps them safe. We need to do the same with God. Have you spent time with Jesus today? Have you read his word? Will you know whose voice it is ?
My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me. John 10:27


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