6 Ridiculous Arguments Used For Legalized Abortion

The Apologista


There is a constant cacophony from liberals with the same tired illogical arguments for legalized abortion. I don’t usually get too bothered by it. I don’t expect logic from them.  However when the noise starts coming from those that claim to be Christians, that’s when it becomes like nails on a chalk board, and I feel compelled to respond.
So here is a short list with those reasons I seem to hear the most often.

1. “Yes, I believe it is murder, but who am I to judge? I know I would never choose it, but I support a woman’s right to do it.”

For starters, how does that even come out of a person’s mouth?
Ok, so wait, you did just agree that it is murder? And then added that you are ok with it?
The truth is that I have more respect for someone who says “It’s *not* a life, and it’s…

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