My friend is my hero. She has done a complete life transformation.  Her quiet time with God has catapulted her into a life of habit changes and different daily choices.

God is no respecter of people. You too can change habits ,make daily choices that would change your life. God is the great physician he heals.

 My friend is now off anxiety, blood pressure  and asthma medications. She is also healed of rashes.

She had used spiritual  fasting and lead by God  to  equip herself with tools. She tapped into that resurrection  power.

My encouragement to you all “my sisters from another mister ” do not grow weary or give up while doing good, for you will reap a harvest in due time.

I also have to mention …she lost over 60 pounds. Her two year journey  should be an example to us all.

God will guide you, seek him and you will find him, if you seek him with all of your heart.

Be transformed  by the renewing of your mind. Your life if a cumulative result of daily choices.

Lord I pray for all of us to be obedient  to your word.  To abide in you at all times .In your presence we will have rest. Help us to make good daily choices in all things . Help us to seek you and get your wisdom to do this life until we go home. In Jesus name amen.

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