Looks Can Be Deceiving

Easter I was heading to dinner at some friends and  meeting my family there. They said just bring yourself and your badminton. But I felt like being her deceased husband was Jewish it might be nice to make some egg challah bread from my fresh eggs to bless the meal.

Well everything was going good up until the time of cooking. That’s when being a frugal person I  tried to save electricity by baking the bread along with cinnamon rolls I would serve after church at my house. Long story short the bread was burned on the top.

I was throwing around thoughts of blessing the chickens with it ,but I humbled myself to bring it anyway I thought maybe I could just cut the top off the rest would be okay.  It really looked awful I was so tempted not to even bring it inside when I got there.

You know just like that bread we look at  people ,we see their outsides and we make judgments. Often wrong  ones ,but God sees the heart. He picked David to be king. On the outside David didn’t look like a king and God had things to teach him along the way before he actually became king. But God knew he would be able to fill the position.

Well I got to Easter dinner and  took a bread knife ,sliced open the bread. Lo and behold it was just a very thin part of the top that was black inside was soft egg yellow, awesome tasting bread ,enjoyed by many.

Dear Jesus , I pray that you would give us eyes to see people as you see them . To look past their outsides and to see their hearts. Lord help us to not see people ,as the world sees them  , but to listen to them and ask them questions and really learn what’s in there heart. I pray in your mighty name amen.

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