Water daily for best results

I do like to grow things. But I’m not real good with plants that need a lot of care. I tend to be drawn towards drought resistant plants that thrive on neglect and abuse for those days that I just can’t get everything done.

Last year I put these clearance plants all around my pool. By the end of the season I noticed that the plants on one side were really sad looking.

And on the other side it was quite a different result. Now being that they’re in the middle of the yard and they’re all out to Sunshine most of the day I had to contemplate on why one plant was looking so sad but the other one was doing so well.

I had realized that whenever the kids splashed or whenever it rained there was one side of the pool that was just a little bit lower. Because of this when the water overflowed it would water these plants far more often than the other plants would get watered.

I felt like it was God showing me what I looked like in seasons were I spent less time in the word, and seasons when my thirst for the word was great. If I wanted to be blooming and beautiful I was going to have to make sure that I stayed in a place in my life where I would be watered often.

Dear Jesus I pray that my sisters from another mister and I would take this little hint from nature. That we would understand how important it is to regularly go to your well and receive the Living Water that keeps us from being thirsty and fulfills us. Shows us how to live keep us in the spirit. Lord God, I just pray that you would give us a thirst for your word and remind us to sit at your feet and be Mary’s everyday and prioritize that overall the Martha things that we have on our to-do list. Help us to do the most important thing like Mary did and take in all you have for us. So that when we do get around to being Martha’s and getting some things done we do it with grace. and walking in your spirit and having all the fruits of the spirit. Love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, gentleness, long suffering and self-control , in the precious name of Jesus I pray amen.

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