Never give up be fearless!

A lot of successful people have failed on their way to success. Leading me to believe failure is just part of being successful not something to be afraid of or to avoid but something that happens when we step out in faith and do things that are hard things .These things are more valuable the rewards are bigger and better. But it all comes with the risk. It’s no different than the stock market. Something’s will grow in amazing ways and other things will lose or not grow at all.

I think about the parable of the three talents in the Bible. God really wants us. to try to make more of what we have. In my garden I plant seeds some of them grow ,some of them die. I put three turkey eggs under my chickens one of them didn’t even start to grow . My point being that we always have to try because we can’t ever harvest from something that we don’t plant or is planted for us. Without the seed being planted there would be no harvest at all. planting seeds can be work. We might do all that work in vain , but if you keep planting, eventually you’ll reap a harvest. One of my favorite verses in the Bible is don’t grow weary while doing good because in due time you will reap a reward.

Be FEARLESS. Get out there take a step in faith ,whatever it is that God has put on your heart give it a try. It might be a failure on your way to success.

Dear Jesus I pray for all my sisters from another mister that we would have confidence not in ourselves but in you the God that made us , our creator the God that created everything in this world. Lord bless the work of our hands, help us to use the amazing Minds that you have given us to do amazing things. Help us to help others to do the same. We can do far beyond and more than we can imagine. I pray God that you would help us to show Your Glory by what we can do when we involve you in our lives and we step out in faith to do those hard things that have big rewards not only for ourselves but for the kingdom of God and for others in need. We praise you. We thank you. We love you. Help us Lord because without you we can do nothing good, but nothing is impossible with God. In Jesus name amen

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