Love motivates / Harshness recoils

So you see someone doing something  you think God doesn’t like . You think you’re the “ONE” who’s supposed to say something to them . Really?  Maybe consider these things  first, before you act.

The tongue , the Bible says, is a weapon of mass destruction that once used ,cannot be undone. No man can truly completely bridle their tongue. But we should try  because words can never be taken back once they leave your mouth.

Personally….. there are so many words out there, I wish I could take back. I am learning more and more just to keep my thoughts to myself and pray. I still struggle, but the things I’m going to share, are the things that have helped me to help others grow in Christ as well as myself.

First of all, are they saved? Do they have a personal relationship with Jesus? If they don’t ,then your focus should be evangelism not rebuke.

Secondly, are they truly sinning or do they just do things differently than you? Maybe you have a gift or preference for something that they don’t have? God made us all different. I used to not understand or think people were lazy because of how they did some things.I thought that I was better. Now I realize it’s the grace God has given me to bless them . My unique gifts are to help them, not to be used to discourage  or to judge them.

I try to  filter my words . I think about what a cup of coffee would taste like without the grounds filtered out . The simple acronym “THINK” can help you discern whether to say something. Usually, by the time I get through the “think” acronym, I see the need  to keep my mouth shut. The T is for True. Is what you’re going to say true? The H is for helpful and I mean helpful for the person you’re going to speak it to, not yourself. The I, is it inspired by God? Do you have a verse to back up what you’re saying to share with this person to help them through the power of the Holy Spirit to do what God’s word says? N is for is it necessary? Could it be left unsaid? K, is it kind?

Meditate on these words from the Bible. Love covers a multitude of sin .Mercy triumphs over judgement . Grace mercy and judgment will be given to you according to the measure you give it and way you judge others. Love is patient,kind, long suffering ,gentle, considerate. Wisdom from above is pure, gentle, loving, humble and yielding.

In Proverbs ,the Bible says rebuke a fool and he’ll hate you. Sometimes even-though they should be doing thing differently it’s really a waste of your time. It’s feeding pearls to swine as the Bible says. Saying something will only cause dissension. It’s possible  God has only revealed this person’s sin to call you to intercede for them. God doesn’t want you to say something and make them angry. He wants you to get on your knees and pray for them; To move the hand of God and the Holy Spirit in their life to bring them to repentance. Show them love when they least deserve it, because we are drawn to God and compelled by the love of God. After all He died for us while we were still sinners..

I believe the motive behind whatever it is  you do is very important. Ask yourself are you doing it for yourself or are you actually doing it for the person that you speaking truth to?

If you are emotional, angry, hurt or seriously annoyed and bothered by this person  you should seek God in prayer until all you care about is the betterment of this person. Otherwise the devil may use your mouth to cause dissension. God loves Unity Psalm 139 says He loves it when brethren dwell together in unity. The devil loves dissension. Always remember God is more powerful than Satan. But Satan will use our ability to see someone else’s sin to get us to sin back at that person. We have to guard against self-righteousness. Jesus said turn the other cheek. He never lashed back at those who were persecuting him. He cried out to God for them.Is the person you’re speaking the truth to ,are they going to gain or are you? What it boils down to is who are you doing it for? Is it a selfish thing or are you really loving others?

Everybody wants to be encouraged to do better ,but nobody wants to be criticized. How do you take the critical thought and turn it into an encouragement?

Well, stay tuned for part II


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