Love Motivtes/Harshness Recoils (part II)

Everybody wants to be encouraged to do better but nobody wants to be criticized. How do you take the critical thought and turn it into an encouragement?

Start off by saying all of the things about the person that you’re grateful for; those things  they do right; before you throw something at them which will tear someone down ,your best bet is to build them up pretty high first. The Bible says love must be sincere so don’t make stuff up. Find things  you sincerely like or think are praiseworthy.And then really think is it just one thing you are showing them or is it a lot of things? Ask God to help you discern what the one thing  he wants you to address now ,because none of us want to work on everything that’s wrong with us all at once.

If you really feel the need to speak truth to someone … share with them YOUR struggle with the same thing. If you don’t struggle with it, then maybe you’re not the one that should be speaking to them , because you wouldn’t be able to empathize with their temptations. You know how people who don’t have kids are always telling people the correct way to raise them and how ridiculous that seems to people who actually have kids? Well it’s the same thing here. When you want to speak truth to someone……. if you have never walked in their shoes…… you probably need to just keep your mouth shut because you don’t understand.

Timing is super important. If you are talking with somebody that just started coming to church, then you may not know where they have come from or if they improved from 2 months ago or two years ago, so until you really know someone, you really can’t judge if they should be more spiritually mature then they are. Get to know people … to them…… find out about their past ….build the trust relationship with them. Nobody really cares what you know ,until they know that you care. I borrowed that line from somewhere . Also timing should be considered for  what’s going on in their life. Have they recently lost someone they loved. Maybe they don’t have a job. Maybe there’s other extenuating circumstances that would require us to give them more grace.

Grace  is best, work on yourself first , pray for others, The Bible says get the log out of your own eye before you get the speck out of your Brothers.

People need power to change ,first they need the Holy Spirit then, they need God’s word. Help them to seek God and his word to be transformed by renewing their mind thru meditating on the word.

to be continued …….

2 thoughts on “Love Motivtes/Harshness Recoils (part II)

  1. God doesn’t give you the people you want, He gives you the people you need. To help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you and to make you the person you were meant to be.

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