Criticism When is it Constructive?

Miriam criticized Moses someone in leadership. God put her  in isolation with the leprosy for 7 days. God showed me how   he feels towards  those who criticize people in Leadership.

I guess this applys whether  it’s our pastor, husband, fiance, politician, boss, anyone that’s trying to be a leader. People in leadership positions  are not always open  to criticism . The Bible says in Ephesians 4:29  Be careful what comes out of your mouth make sure it’s going to bless the  one that hears . 

Leaders get a lot of unsolicited criticism. I think God wants us to wait till they ask for the criticism and make it constructive not destructive. Which means you need the wisdom to know where the person is and whether or not they are able to receive the criticism. If not to give it would not be fruitful and would be discouraging and not what God would want. Constructive criticism has nothing to do with the criticism itself, but the receiver and whether or not they are able to receive it.

 Many relationships  are broken on this one issue alone. when in doubt ….pray  for the person. Let God show them through the power of the spirit. He knows their heart and yours too.

 Try to work on yourself to be able to receive more criticism in a way  that grows and does not hurt or discourage you. 

Let God grace rule over your heart and mouth.

I write this as much for myself as for you my beloved sisters from another mister.

5 thoughts on “Criticism When is it Constructive?

  1. I love this and it could not have come out at a more opportune time. It was just what I needed to hear at just the right moment to hear it. Yesterday it would have not meant anything to me lol…But this is the Lord working through you my friend and sister in Christ. ❤


  2. Beautiful words. I needed this today, as well. Thank you for sharing. It was really beautiful to meet you today( last night ) at women’s group ! Thank you for teaching me so many inspiring and helpful things. Loved learning from you. My oldest son was really excited to hear about how to make the apple cider vinegar and grow pineapple :)💛


    1. It was such a pleasure to meet you and your sister and your niece also. Praying for the things we discussed. Thank you God for using this to bless so many the glory is yours for I am just the Vessel you are the treasure inside that has the power to change the world.

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