One is important

When I put my chickens to bed at night, if I go to shut the coop and one of them is missing. Even though all the rest are there, it is the one  missing that becomes the focus and my only concern. I will spend hours, if need be, searching before I give up. That one that’s missing becomes so  important and so much more my desire to find, than knowing the others are safe in the coop.

 In Matthew in the Bible there is a story about how when a Shepherd has a hundred sheep and one of them is lost or goes astray, he goes looking for that one sheep. The same as I do my one chicken.

Many of us have a loved one who has strayed from the Lord.Who has strayed from the flock in our church. We pray a prayer of faith to God  to draw them back to the flock and to Him.

Then along with the angels in Heaven we will all rejoice!  Be joyful in Hope, patient in affliction ,persistent In prayer.

God is after your strayed loved one.  You can be sure of that that.  He is a good shepherd.

Dear Jesus, hear our cry, our prayer for the ones that have strayed. We trust You Lord that you will bring them back. it’s in your mighty name Jesus we ask.

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