Red Ruby Slippers

Most people at least here in America have seen the movie “The Wizard of Oz. ” In the end when the good witch tells Dorothy, you’ve had what you needed to get home all along. Ruby magic slippers. She just didn’t realize it until the good witch enlightened her to the power of the shoes that were already on her feet 

Tonight the pastor was talking about how everything we need was written over 2000 years ago in our  Bibles. Even before our relationship with Jesus we had access to this book which tells us all about how to live life here on Earth. My grandson used to remind me of the acronym for the Bible. Basic Living Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

Next time you have some kind of concern… kind of tension…. some kind of question of what to do… a decision to make. How to respond to a situation Remember those red ruby slippers. Your Bible  has all the answers that you need  till you go home to Heaven. 

Dear Jesus help us to remember to always look to your word. More Powerful than any two-edged sword. Good for so many things. Help us fill ourselves with your word overflowing. Help us to  walk in the spirit and bear fruit… much fruit For Your Glory. In your mighty name amen

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