Easter lesson

Easter is about the resurrection, It’s about God’s grace towards us.

Easter Day after church I had an egg hunt with several children. They had not been able to find the last egg. They said the count must be wrong , it’s not there. I told them if they want to give up and I find it you can give me all your eggs? They agreed. My son said” Not smart guys don’t  you remember  she was the one that hid them?”

Of course I retrieved the egg and their long sad little faces  stared toward me as they now were waiting  for me to take all of their newly found treasures. 

I asked the kids  “Do you guys know what God’s grace is?”, ” They replied no. ”

I went on to explain to them that God’s grace is something nice that he does for you because he loves you . That it is something that you didn’t earn or deserve. In fact you probably deserve the opposite. God’s grace is why we celebrate Easter. Jesus , God’s only son went to the cross and died for us, as punishment for our sins . 3 days later he rose from the dead conquered death, so we could have eternal life.

I told them I am going to give you God’s grace. I’m going to give you what you don’t deserve.I’m going to give you your Easter eggs back. All their faces turned from frowns to smiles. There was one little boy, the smallest one, who had not found any eggs at all. So he wasn’t smiling ,until I gave him the egg that I had found. I said ” This is for you since you don’t have any eggs.”

God’s grace is a free gift for all of us .You can not earn it. We all fall short  of  God’s  glory and do not deserve this gift.  But we need to receive the gift. If you have not received  the gift of Jesus as sacrifice for your sins, you can by just praying this simple prayer and meaning it with your heart. 

Dear God

I have sinned. I Beleive Jesus died on the cross as punishment  for  my sins. I want to receive  you by the Holy Spirit  into my heart. I want you to be my Lord and savior .Please help me to turn ,repent of my ways and follow you from this day forward. Thanks for loving me. In Jesus name amen. 

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