I was driving the other day and I saw two fire trucks. One racing to a call North the other to a call East. They almost met at the intersection.

It made me think of Our Lives and how we’re rushing to do what God has called us for and we want everyone to get out of our way but other people are on their own path to their own call. We have to remember to help others get to where they’re going and not just think of ourselves. When we do that we work together we all get there faster and better because we’re all equipped with different gifts. God made us to work together. He loves it when we dwell together in unity. The Bible says two are better than one for they have a better return for their work. To build great things we need each other.
th the other one East and they almost met at the intersections the cars were stopped in all directions watching this seemingly  rare event. 

I challenge you this week to find someone to help in their calling and also to ask someone to help you with yours. It helps give you fresh ideas and perspective and builds relationships. The Bible also says iron sharpens iron it’s through these relationships that we can grow more in Christ.

Dear Lord

 I pray for all my” Sisters from another Mister”, that you would give us great relationships to do mighty things for you and make a difference in this world. Help us to build Godly relationships that help us to grow more like your son Jesus and it’s in your son’s name Jesus we pray amen

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