Tornadoes and Other Storms.

God is a God of order. But sometimes life gets messy it’s like being in a storm just like the disciples on the boat with Jesus. They were afraid but he was sleeping.

My life often feels like I’m in a storm. They come on me quickly sometimes like a tornado.

Tornadoes they pick stuff up break it mix it just a mess. It’s at those times we need to seek God so he can be a refuge from the storm. Jesus is like your life preserver to keep you from drowning. When we’re in a storm it’s almost like we’re being tossed around in the sea. That’s when we need to have faith.

Be still and know he is God. He calmed the storm for the diciples he will do the same for us. We must go to him. Our counselor , Refuge and peace.

It took me years to learn to remember to ask for prayer. Don’t hesitate to put up a prayer request on the prayer chain or call of friend to pray for you. It really does make a difference.

We can’t stop the tornadoes from coming or the storms. But we can make it through with God and prayer. Sometimes it leaves us in a mess, but God can turn our mess into a message for other people to encourage them in to help them get through their mess.

I think about all the things that Joseph went through in the Bible before he saved an entire nation from starvation. Know that God doesn’t waste anything ,your troubles have a purpose. We don’t know the future, but we can trust our unknown future to our known God and he is good all the time.

“I will rescue you and save you”, says the Lord. Jeremiah 15:10

Dear heavenly father just come to you and ask for help for my *Sisters from another Mister”,and I in our storms Lord that you would help us to take our mess and put it in some kind of order that you can use. Lord help us to trust you and rely on you and completely surrender our plans for your plans. Help us to have that peace that only you can give. We are struck down, but we are not destroyed. You promise that in your word and you never lie. We thank you for that. We love you. We pray in the mighty name of Jesus amen.

Here is a prayer out of my “Really Woolies Bedtime Prayers” Book for kids.

The Lord is my shepherd; He Keeps me by his side. He guards my steps and holds my hand in case I slip or slide. The Lord he is my hero; He rescues me from harm. From troubles big and worries small, from danger and alarm. Thank you for rescuing us from trouble.

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