Intentional Small Acts of kindness.

Just wanted to share this encouragement today. We get so many opportunities all day long if we’re open to them and looking for them to encourage others. When my kids were young and would be off the chain at timed that I was at the end of my rope as a single mom. Like in the grocery store. I remember a time when my daughter had dropped a jar of peanut butter and it broke and she was eating it on the floor in the aisle. The looks from people and what they were saying under their breath were almost too much for me. I was so discouraged. So I try to look at the world from my perspective back then. A smile, a kind word, instead of a criticism or judgement can make a huge difference in someone’s day or even life. With suicide being so prevalent I think we not only need to be kind but we need to go out of our way to be intentionally kind. So I encourage all my Sisters from another Mister today, to go out of your way and look for that opportunity to add some kindness to someone’s life. Whether it be some words and anonymous vase of flowers. A card with words of encouragement. Whatever God puts on your heart do something intentional every day to bless those around you and to lift them up in a dark dark world.

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