So Eat Cake

My grandson only likes the frosting. He wants to just eat the frosting on the cake but life isn’t like that .

It’s like when you really just want that corner piece with all the frosting and then you’re only gonna eat the frosting.


Life throws you the piece of cake in the middle. You know the big piece of cake that time most all cake but a tiny little bit of thin frosting on the top.

So I try to think about the frosting more than I think about the cake. We have to eat the whole piece that God gives us like it or not. I hope today, if you have been given a piece of cake that’s hard to swallow. That you can lean into your relationship with Jesus. He is the man of sorrows. He knows exactly how we feel even if no one else does.

Cast your cares to him because he cares for you.

Today Lord I wanna pray for those who have been given a piece of cake they have to eat that they don’t think is fair or maybe they just don’t want it or maybe it’s so painful they can’t bear walking through this time in their life. I pray Lord you would give them more grace you would give them sisters from another Mister, who will serve them. Send them angels to minister to them. Godly people that can comfort them. And strength that can only come from you. Lord help them to to live in today and trust their tomorrow’s to you.

I think of a song a woman was singing at my grand daughter’s funeral. It was “Jesus holds your tomorrow’s”. I’m sure it was very difficult what my daughter going through that day. Little did I know a few years later I would be at my same daughter’s memorial service.

God is good all the time we just don’t understand his ways. His ways and thoughts are so above ours, he sees the big picture. If we could be like him I’m sure it would give us paradigm shift of situations.

Let me leave you with this last verse.

He whose mind is stayed on me and trust in me will have perfect peace. Isaiah 26.

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