Psalms 51:10 Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.
Cleaning out our closets the other day I began to realize we have a lot of useless clothes. Clothes that we no longer wear, some clothes that we can’t even fit. As I stood and gazed I asked myself this question “Why did I hold on to these so long?” It’s not like I didn’t see them, nor If I wore them, because I visited the closet many times throughout the day. Then by the grace of God through Jesus Christ He showed me something. Our hearts are like closets filled with “clothes” which symbolize things we no longer need, we hang up things within our hearts that create clutter, we hold onto old pains that in our mind we walk by daily remembering what hurt us clinging onto the pains of our past. We hang around people that the Lord is clearly saying ” they don’t fit you anymore and where I’m taking you they can’t come.”
We finished cleaning our closet then I realized the things I had were few, but cherishable. These things are the things that we take with us from season to season the things that add or create sustenance like: Godly friends, sound council, men and women of wisdom. We need to go into our closet “hearts” and clean out everything that isn’t of Jesus Christ, because He’s trying to do His new thing by the way of His Spirit, but If our hearts are full of old things how can He bring forth what is New? Remember this; new wine doesn’t pour into old wineskins, because it will burst it open. God Bless you people of God!
                                       Author…Justin Edwards (Guest blogger)

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