Wait for the promise don’t force it.

Thank you Jesus

Abraham and Sarah took Hagar the maidservant and had a son which was Ishmael, after God promised them their own “promised seed” which later became Isaac. The thing is that Abraham and Sarah became impatient waiting on their “promised seed” and bore an illegitimate son. See by doing this Abraham created a problem for himself. When Issac was born Ishmael patronized him to the point where they had to send Hagar and Ishmael away and to this very day we see that war still taking place. The promise against the self inflicted decision Abraham made.

I’m saying this; though the promises Jesus spoke are long and forthcoming, that If we go about forcing things for ourselves sometimes that torn doesn’t leave our side and we see the effects of it when Jesus actually sends that very thing He has promised you. Be patient,be prayerful have faith and hope in knowing what Jesus spoke to you will come to pass in due time.

Justin Edwards

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