Fragile feelings At Christmas Time

This morning I dropped a jar of peppermint fudge sauce it was actually supposed to be peppermint Fudge but it was my attempt at saving it as another gift. While putting on a bow and dropped the jar on the tile floor. By God’s grace it did not break.

But just a short while later I knocked a small ornament that shattered into so many pieces.

This Christmas I hope that God helps me to be careful with my words and my actions, because so many people are like that ornament very fragile at this time of year… easily broken and sometimes our words leave them just unrepairable. As I swept up the ornament to throw it away, I prayed that God would help me to be sensitive to those around me maybe going to things that I do not understand.

Let us be a holy living sacrifice this Christmas. Lord I pray that the Holy Spirit will work in us and through us to do you work. Thank you for sending Jesus to die for us we know hes coming back as we wait for that day. How best to honor and glorify you in all that we do in the mean time and and its in your precious son Jesus name that we pray as we celebrate his birth.

For unto you born this day in the city of David a savior which is Christ the Lord.

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