Love motivates/Harshness recoils (Part 3)

God is full of Mercy. He is tender and he is kind. He does it with his loving  care, so we are encouraged not discouraged. He points out the way to go in such a gentle way like Jesus did. How do we do that? We can start by not doing it in the judgment… Continue reading Love motivates/Harshness recoils (Part 3)

Love Motivtes/Harshness Recoils (part II)

Everybody wants to be encouraged to do better but nobody wants to be criticized. How do you take the critical thought and turn it into an encouragement? Start off by saying all of the things about the person that you’re grateful for; those things  they do right; before you throw something at them which will… Continue reading Love Motivtes/Harshness Recoils (part II)