Criticism When is it Constructive?

Miriam criticized Moses someone in leadership. God put her  in isolation with the leprosy for 7 days. God showed me how   he feels towards  those who criticize people in Leadership. I guess this applys whether  it’s our pastor, husband, fiance, politician, boss, anyone that’s trying to be a leader. People in leadership positions  are… Continue reading Criticism When is it Constructive?

Love Motivtes/Harshness Recoils (part II)

Everybody wants to be encouraged to do better but nobody wants to be criticized. How do you take the critical thought and turn it into an encouragement? Start off by saying all of the things about the person that you’re grateful for; those things  they do right; before you throw something at them which will… Continue reading Love Motivtes/Harshness Recoils (part II)

Behind Our Smiles

Originally posted on The Apologista:
? ? Recently I challenged someone close to me to ditch their image and get real. They didn’t agree and counter-challenged me ?by asking why I continue to post so many happy family pictures, when behind the scenes our hearts are breaking. So in the spirit of full disclosure, here…